New Version March 26 2023

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New Version March 26 2023

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I have just uploaded a new version of the website which contains a small, but I think very important difference.

Up until now progress was based on the time you spent testing, and the feedback to the user was based on the shade of green on the indicator next to the timer. There was no clear way of knowing when the test had finished (other than the indicator would stop going more green), which meant that testing became "interminable", which is obviously demotivating.

In the new version your goal every day is to get 20 questions right. When you have got 20 questions right the test ends and the website gives you some feedback on your achievements. You can still carry on testing if you want but you have to "opt in" to do that by pressing a "Continue Testing" button. This is not only much more motivating, because the tests have a clearly defined end to aim for, but it also gives you a strong incentive to concentrate and get the questions right in order to finish sooner, and to pay more attention to the reinforcement questions when you get the answer wrong.

I hope everyone enjoys the new testing experience. Please feel free to leave any feedback here.