Updates 11 November 2023

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Updates 11 November 2023

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I am uploading some changes to the website today which may cause a bit of disruption, so apologies in advance if that affects you.

The changes are:

1) You can now configure your daily target on your user profile page, the default being ten correct answers. I reduced this recently from twenty because I think ten is more realistic for beginners.

2) On the profile page you can also turn off the "automatic login" or "remember me" feature. I recently had to remove this functionality because I wanted to log out of my account and log in with a different account to help me debug the website. The problem is that with the automatic login activated it was impossible for me to to ever log in as a different user, because I would never get to see the login page. So being able to turn off automatic login from the preferences page does this, but it would also be useful for anyone who wanted to share access to the website with another user on the same machine.

3) The program should now carry over your current run from one day to the next instead of resetting it each time.

If the site is doesn't seem to be working for you properly, please try clearing your browser cache for the last few days to make sure you have the latest version of the website. If this fails please post on this thread.
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