Other dialects/languages?

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Other dialects/languages?

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Would there be any possibility of expanding out into other Chinese dialects, or even other tonal languages entirely, like Thai or Vietnamese? For that matter, the same concept seems applicable to helping teach all kinds of tricky phonemic distinctions.
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Re: Other dialects/languages?

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Hi Terpomo! Thanks for the feedback. I totally agree with you about the applicability of the program to other languages and dialects. I don't envisage myself taking on the challenge though, mainly because of not having the time but also because I would feel unqualified to attempt that kind of exercise. My original motivation for developing this was to help with my own studies, and I had enough of a working knowledge of the rules of Chinese pronunciation to give it a go, unlike with the other languages you mention. So I think it is a good idea but not viable for me at the moment.
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